Heritage Baptist Academy

IMG_0719You just found the private school you’ve been looking for!

 If you are searching for a school program that will prepare your student for the rigors of college and if you want him/her to be educated under teachers who are committed to a Christ-minded ministry, then your search for a school has come to an end!

Heritage Baptist Academy is a K-12 school using Abeka Curriculum.

What are we trying to accomplish each and every day?  mission cloud

With the Lord’s help, Heritage Baptist Academy aspires to educate students in an environment that encourages IMG_0720a love for learning, a respect for others, and a joyfully intimate relationship with Jesus Christ that leads our students to a Christ-centered, others-serving, biblically-based lifestyle.

If a student starts in our kindergarten and attends all of their developing years at Heritage Baptist Academy through high school graduation, we have set the following
list as clear objectives for their education.  According to the God given ability in each student, the HBA faculty and staff will work together to educate and equip every student to …


  • Value the pursuit of knowing Jesus Christ personally as the most important possession in this world.
  • Develop competency in written and oral communication skills.
  • Read, interpret, and evaluate excellence in literature.
  • Understand how the histories of civilization, government, and economics have shaped our world today.
  • Develop the ability to reason mathematically to one’s highest individual ability.
  • Explore and understand the physical world of God’s creation as a stewardship given to mankind.
  • Participate in activities that broaden the connections between our community, church, country, and world.
  • Practice a disciplined life that encourages lifelong physical and spiritual fitness.
  • Master the practical skills  and technological expertise necessary to transition into higher education.
  • Believe, explain, and defend the essential doctrines of the Christian faith.
  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information, ideas, and values resulting in conclusions based on a biblical worldview.