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Faith Bible  Higher Education Learning           

In Jan 2011 Heritage Baptist Church began offering classes through  Faith Bible Institute . FBI is a 3 year tour through the Bible under the instruction of John Yates, pastor of Rowland Road Baptist Church in Monroe, Louisiana.

The classes are taught via DVD lectures and each student is given a workbook each semester. Currently our classes meet at the church on Fri afternoons.

The tuition is extremely reasonable; the first semester a student joins is currently $115 with each additional semester being $90. Spouses are only $50 per semester making it affordable for couples to grow in their Bible knowledge together.


John Yates, Founder of Faith Bible Institute

About the instructor…

John T. Yates (AA,BS,MAR)

Founder and Instructor of Faith Bible Institute since 1985

Has taught verse by verse through the Bible 10 times. Senior Pastor of Rowland Road Baptist Church (RRBC) of Monroe, LA (since 2001). Associate Pastor of RRBC (1984-2001), leading evangelistic, educational, youth, bus, children’s, college, & radio ministries. Began preaching in 1978 at age 15.  Widely used as a speaker in churches, camps, revivals, schools, college campuses, and conferences throughout the United States.

Author of Faith Bible Institute’s two 7 Volume Commentary Sets on the Old Testament and the New Testament, the 4 Volume Set on Theology, and works on Bible Prophecy, Angels, Scientific & Biblical Creationism, Personal Evangelism, and Discipleship Evangelism.

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