New Website

Welcome to the website of Heritage Baptist Church of Tenino Wa.

If you are a visitor, welcome. Please pardon us as we get the dust settled, we have lots under construction around here!

If you are a church member with large sized content or pictures that would be useful to post please give them to the Pastor on either a CD or a flash drive and I will get them uploaded.

If you need a page posted about your ministry  please send your unformatted text to This will go through an approval process.

If you have graphics or other items that need to go onto your page then please attach them seperately and I will add them to the pages as I create them. Formatting transfers in the cut and paste process and is often a hindrance to quick creation. If you would like to see specific formatting please add  notes after your text of what you envision and I will use the programming to make it happen.

If you need site access please confirm with Pastor, then send me an email at the above address with your preferred username and contact email.


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